Brain Training FOR SMART KIDS

This book will help your kids train their IQ effectively by giving some background information about IQ tests. The book consists of 50 questions (colorful pictures with animals) for children aged 3 to 7. They are designed to stimulate children to think and expand their minds. This fun, engaging, and challenging book will prepare your child for the IQ test, often used for admission to gifted and talented programs, and help your child improve logical and visual reasoning skills.This practice test contains Number Analogies and Figure Matrices: – Number Analogies – The child is presented with a 2 x 2 matrix with three pictures. The child needs to determine the mathematical relationship between the two boxes in the top row and then apply it to the picture in the bottom row by selecting the answer that represents the same relationship as in the top row.- Figure Matrices – In the Figure Matrices subset, each question is a matrix or grid that is divided into sections. Each section contains a shape, figure, or question mark. The child must determine which of the available answers would best replace the question mark to complete the matrix. One of the secrets to raising an intelligent learner is to emphasize the importance of education at a very young age. They are naturally curious and want to explore everything. It is during this time that the stage is set for their future attitude towards learning. Although some children are born with a uniquely high IQ, others need to reach their potential through proper incentives and training.