Block Design Test Practice Book

A block design test is a subtest from different IQ test batteries which is used to evaluate the intellect of individuals. It is
supposed to stimulate spatial visualization and motor skills. The test taker uses hand movements to rearrange blocks
with different color patterns on different sides to match a pattern. The components in a block design test can be
assessed based on both accuracy and speed in matching the pattern.

The block design test is a fairly accurate measure of spatial ability and spatial visualization ability that is utilized in everyday life.
Good achievements on the block design test can be a forecast of great performance in subjects such as engineering and physics.

About this book
This practice book includes 110 patterns (suitable for children and adults). The book begins with simpler patterns (four cubes) and progressively progresses to more complicated patterns (nine cubes). Practising these patterns will help you increase your speed when placing the cubes.

To be able to practice the patterns in this book, you must have 9 cubes. If you don't have them, you can get them from Amazon or make your own using the instructions in this book.