Time to Relax & Enjoy Adult Activity Book

With Easy Puzzles, Brain Games, Coloring Pages, Writing Activities and More

This fun adult activity book is designed to entertain and engage adults.
In this book you will find a true variety of activities that will keep you having a
good time and stimulate your brain as you think, solve, write, and craft. You will
find many great activities and great features in this book, including the ones
listed below.

Puzzles and Brain Games
There is an excellent selection of simple puzzles and brain games in this book,

  • Spot The Odd One Out
  • Unscrumble
  • Shadow Finder
  • Two Of a Kind
  • Trivia Matching
  • Find The Differences

Coloring Pages
There is a great selection of coloring pages in this activity book. You can find
different types of items to color including:

  • Nature
  • Animals
  • Mandala
  • Designs

Writing Pages
Each "Sweet Memories" writing page has an interesting question about something
from your past. You have the opportunity to think about it and write down the
answers you would like to have. There are also "Run The Alphabet" writing pages,
these pages will have you thinking about different topics and trying to fill in a word
for each letter of the alphabet.

We hope you enjoy working through this book.