WAIS®-IV Practice Test


The Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS)® is an IQ test used to assess intelligence and cognitive capacity in adults and older adolescents. The WAIS®-IV assessment is appropriate for use with persons aged 16 to 90. It’s the most extensively used IQ test in the world. The latest version of the test, the WAIS®-IV, which was introduced in 2008, consists of ten core subtests and five additional subtests.

This test contains exercises from three Core Subtests (Block Design, Matrix Reasoning and Visual Puzzles) and two Supplemental Subtests (Figure Weights and Picture Completion).

About this test:
This preparation test includes 150 exercises (suitable for adults aged 16 to 90). These exercises will help you improve your WAIS®-IV test-taking skills. The test contains exercises from the following Core and Supplemental subtests:

– Block Design
– Matrix Reasoning
– Visual Puzzles
– Picture Completion
– Figure Weights (for ages 16-69 only)